How to Apply for EBM

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How to Apply for EBM

Post by BADKILLER on Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:35 pm

Everyone must be wondering how will i get into this clan?

To join this clan you will have to structure the clan application like this:

Real Name: Pratik
Country: United Kingdom
Age: 15
Why you want to join: Because i am pru
How did you find out about EBM clan: I just know
Skills on CoD4: Deathrun, Promod, CodJumper....
Previous clans that you have joined: Sync' CAR ....
Additional Information: I like trains Very Happy

This is just an example of what a Application should look like.
If it is not in this structure then your application will be denied straight away.

Good Luck with your applications. Very Happy Cool Cool


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